Terms and conditions

1) Object.  The landlord hereby leases to the tenant, who accepts in the same de facto and legal condition in which it is located, the property unit located in Casale M.to (AL), Via Mameli no. 5, ground floor, consisting of 1 room plus kitchen and services, fully furnished, registered in the N.C.E.U. of the Municipality of Casale Monferrato, cat. A/2, folio no. 36, parcel no. 4996, sub 65, owned by the landlord.

2) Term. This contract is stipulated for a limited period of time, beginning from                     to                           

(the last is the day of check out).

On expiry, it shall terminate without the need for any notice, and the tenant shall be obliged to return the property to the landlord.

3) Fees and costs agreed in the booking. Any additional charges not stipulated in the booking are excluded.

4) The tenant declares his/her agreement to the condominium regulations.

5) Restrictions or obligations.

The tenant undertakes to use the property for residential use only for tourist accommodation.

A total of _____ people will be staying in the property.

The presence, even occasionally, in the property of a larger number of people than agreed or the presence of animals, even small animals, shall result in the cancellation of the contract in accordance with Article 1456 of the Civil Code.

It is strictly forbidden for the tenant to sublet or grant to third parties, even on a temporary and/or precarious basis, the use of the property, under penalty of ipso jure termination of this contract.

The tenant shall be required to keep and maintain well  the property all the internal items  and furnishings  as listed and possibly set out in the property unit manual, the safekeeping of which the tenant hereby accepts.

Any extraordinary charges in connection with facts or acts due to the fault or wilful misconduct of the tenant and his/her companions shall be quantified and charged separately.

The tenant agrees to report to the landlord any possible defects

of the building and all the items  on delivery of the keys. In the absence of such a report, the above-mentioned defects and discrepancies shall be presumed to be the fault of the tenant.

6) Referral. For anything not expressly provided for in this contract, the parties declare the regulations of the civil code and the rules of the tourism code, as well as local customs, to be applicable.                        The Court of Vercelli shall have jurisdiction in every order and degree.

7) Privacy policy. The data controller is Idea Monferrato Sas di Capra Gian Luigi, with registered office in via Pagliano 11/A – 15033 Casale M.to (AL), VAT no. 02679060067.  The holder may communicate the data of the tenant and his/her companions to supervisory authorities, to judicial authorities, to all other organizations to which the communication is obligatory and to all other subjects involved in the execution of their profession.

8) Covid-19 emergency. Always in the management of our B&B, cleaning and sanitizing the rooms has been one of the most important aspects. After every departure, the premises are scrupulously and carefully sanitized.

In order to ensure an increasingly targeted control of the virus, we ask you to respect the ministerial guidelines by declaring for yourself and your companions to

– Do not have a fever over 37.5°;

– Not to have been in close contact with people infected with Covid-19 in the last 7 days without having adopted the protections enshrined in the relevant health standards;

– To inform staff in the presence of flu symptoms.

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